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Patten’s Berry Farm getting ready for Prelude weekend

Christmas time in Kennebunkport, Maine

is an expedience. All the small business owners and surrounding residents decorate their shops and homes with elegant Christmas decorations in preparation for Prelude weekend. If you have never been to Dock square during Prelude put it on your bucket list because it’s truly one of the few magical experiences in New England. A fair amount of those elegant decorations come from a small family run shop that’s only been around for 50 some odd years, Patten’s Berry Farm. In the summer Patten’s Berry Farm is the go to place for fresh fruit and vegetables. In the winter Patten’s Berry Farm is the best place to get hand crafted and truly unique Christmas decorations. Patten’s Berry Farm asked Puffin Media to take some photos of their crew prepping for the Holidays. It was great lighting and a fun time!

Patten’s Berry Farm Christmas Decoration Offerings:

    • Christmas Wreaths
    • Christmas Trees
    • Kissing Balls
    • Roping
    • Boxwood Trees
    • Center Pieces
    • Ribbons

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