New Puffin Media Site!

Puffin Media has freshened up the website with a new look. We wanted to present our portfolio pieces in a more compelling and engaging manner. We work hard on our projects and want you to see how much time and effort we put in. Let us know what you think of our new site!

NS Builders Youtube Trailer

NS Builders is ramping up their youtube channel (with some help from Puffin Media). They needed an interesting trailer to sit atop the channel for new visitors. The video had to hit the major points of NS Builders branding. Located in Boston. Specialize in interior renovations and fine carpentry. Developing strong client relationships....

Sigma 50-100mm 1.8 Art Series Lens

I recently purchased the latest Art series lens made by Sigma. I have had the 18-35mm 1.8 Art lens for about a year, and it's one of my favorites to pull out of the bag. So buying the 50-100mm was a no brainer. Let's get the lone con of the lens out of the way. It's a tad heavy...

Aerial Video: Puffingram Jan ’16

Aerial Video: Puffingram Jan ’16 Puffingrams are monthly videos that generally consist of all aerial video. This month is aerial video of a farm in southern Maine. It was ridiculously windy and it had snowed the evening before. The DJI Phantom 3 held up well in the wind. Since it remained cold the snow was […]

Aerial Video: Puffingram OCT ’15

Aerial Video: Puffingram OCT ’15 This month is aerial video of the leaves changing on a farm in southern Maine. I’m Glad I got a chance to get some footage of the amazing foliage this year. Unfortunately I didn’t have a high vantage point so I couldn’t get my drone as close to the trees […]

Aerial Video: Woodygram AUG ’15

Aerial Video: Woodygram AUG ’15 Wears Woody is making waves in the apparel world. This month they brought us out to Duxbury Beach to make a promotional video for their latest threads and of course to grab some aerial video of woody (aka Jeep Grand Wagoneer). We lucked out with an amazing sunrise and awesome […]

Motion Graphics

Let the motion set you free You can do what most do, and have your logo fade up and out, before and after your video content. I’ve done it. We all have. It works, but it’s not memorable. Leave the convention and embrace the excitement of motion. Let Puffin Media energize your logo with motion […]

Puffin Studio

  Puffin Studio Up and Running Puffin Studio is now up in running after a 4 month renovation period. There is available: Studio space: It is pint-sized powerhouse of a studio. It’s not Paramount Studios, but it offers a solid work space allowing for good depth for shooting. Conference space: A large conference table allows […]

Patten's Farm Photography
Patten’s Berry Farm getting ready for Prelude weekend

Christmas time in Kennebunkport, Maine is an expedience. All the small business owners and surrounding residents decorate their shops and homes with elegant Christmas decorations in preparation for Prelude weekend. If you have never been to Dock square during Prelude put it on your bucket list because it’s truly one of the few magical experiences in New […]