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I recently purchased the latest Art series lens made by Sigma. I have had the 18-35mm 1.8 Art lens for about a year, and it's one of my favorites to pull out of the bag. So buying the 50-100mm was a no brainer. Let's get the lone con of the lens out of the way. It's a tad heavy...


I recently purchased the latest Art series lens made by Sigma. I have had the 18-35mm 1.8 Art lens for about a year, and it’s one of my favorites to pull out of the bag. So buying the 50-100mm was a no brainer. Let’s get the lone con of the lens out of the way. It’s a tad heavy. Honestly not a huge deal for me but I know for some photographers it can be. On to the fun stuff. I brought my new lens to the dog park. Tess (my black lab) is a seadog. She would choose water over land if she could. So I knew I would get some interesting images and see if this lens is up to the puffin lifestyle. To say the least it was up to the challenge. First off the obvious thing is how fast this lens is! 1.8 throughout for a zoom?! Awesome! Sometimes with zoom lenses, you sacrifice sharpness for speed. Not the case with the 50-100mm 1.8 Art. It’s amazingly sharp. All the images above were shot wide open. The auto focus works pretty well with my Canon DSLR. I don’t use auto focus that much so I don’t have much input on the subject. Overall I’m unbelievably happy with the lens. I’m excited to take it on a professional shoot. So if you’re willing to deal with a slightly heavier than average zoom lens you’re in for a treat of a lens. 

Aerial Video: Puffingram Jan ’16

Aerial Video: Puffingram Jan ’16

Puffingrams are monthly videos that generally consist of all aerial video. This month is aerial video of a farm in southern Maine. It was ridiculously windy and it had snowed the evening before. The DJI Phantom 3 held up well in the wind. Since it remained cold the snow was sandy and created interesting snow drifts. It wasn’t the easiest landing in the world ;P Enjoy!

Aerial Video: Puffingram OCT ’15

Aerial Video: Puffingram OCT ’15

This month is aerial video of the leaves changing on a farm in southern Maine. I’m Glad I got a chance to get some footage of the amazing foliage this year. Unfortunately I didn’t have a high vantage point so I couldn’t get my drone as close to the trees as I wanted to. I always think of the safety factor before the beauty factor. If your vantage point allows it the most compelling aerial video is when you can get as close to the subject as possible.

Puffingram JAN ’16
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Puffin Studio


Puffin Studio Up and Running

Puffin Studio is now up in running after a 4 month renovation period. There is available:

  • Studio space: It is pint-sized powerhouse of a studio. It’s not Paramount Studios, but it offers a solid work space allowing for good depth for shooting.
  • Conference space: A large conference table allows the creative juices to flow and a coffee machine is a hop, jump, and a skip away.
  • Lounge space: A comfy sofa and chairs circle each other for a more laid back meeting style. Also a good place for fellow colleagues off camera to hang.
  • Double doors: The big door opening to the studio allows large objects to easily come in and be photographed or used as props.
  • Natural light: An abundance of natural light is available during the day in the studio. Allowing you to keep your artistic options open.
  • Studio lighting: A wide variety of Fresnels and LEDs are available in the studio. To stay consistent with previously existing content or direction style.
  • White wall: The white wall is the primary background in the studio and allows for the most flexibility during shooting.
  • Green screen/Black screen: Fabric screen options are available for various setups.

If you need a place for interviews, head shots, or you just want to hangout give us a shout and schedule a meeting.