NS Builders Youtube Trailer

NS Builders

is ramping up their youtube channel (with some help from Puffin Media). They needed an interesting trailer to sit atop the channel for new visitors. The video had to hit the major points of NS Builders branding. Located in Boston. Specialize in interior renovations and fine carpentry. Developing strong client relationships. Extremely involved in design and construction. We used an interview conducted in Nick Schiffer’s (Owner & Master Carpenter) truck, in route to a Boston Red Sox game. The conversation was laid back and on point. It fit the message we wanted to portray. Then we tossed in some B-Roll showing the key messages in action. 

Why Black and White?

Why not? Haha, no. It was a deliberate decision. Black in white almost subconsciously makes a video feel more dramatic. We made the choice in post (Obviously) (Do people even shoot video in B&W? If you do spare me the soap box speech.) We felt it helped strengthen the message and unify the piece. Driving through the streets of Boston, and talking about high-end carpentry? Yeah, sounds like a black and white piece to me. 


It was a fun piece to work on. The music, the high contrast black & white, the truck side interview driving through Boston, can’t get much better than that.