Jeep Fest

Just for Jeeps

Just for Jeeps needed a highlight video for their annual Jeep Fest. They wanted to capture the fun and excitement and wide variety of Jeeps at the event.

Stand Out

Jeeps stand out and Jeep Fest isn’t your average car show. We wanted this video to stand out and show the unique atmosphere of jeep fest.

Engaging your audience

It all starts with a catchy song and some funky motion graphics. Capturing your audience’s attention in 5 seconds is crucial. Keeping it short, direct and fun is the key to a video people will watch.

Build some Hype

Just for Jeeps uses this video for 2 distinct purposes. As a fun video to release after the event and to build interest for next years Jeep Fest. It also lives on their YouTube, where people can watch the event highlights from all the different years and see how the event has evolved.

Launch Project