N.S. Builders

Carpentry of the Highest Quality

N.S. Builder’s is a hard working company with an active workload. Puffin Media adapts to their schedule to make the video production process convenient and flexible.

IG Video Stories

Instagram Stories have created a new way to engage with your audience. N.S. Builders leverage IG video stories to promote their YouTube videos and upcoming events. Puffin Media will shoot, edit and provide graphics to create a clean and consistent video for your IG audience.

How To

N.S. Builders are currently working on a series of how to videos. Their followers want detailed insight into how they plan and build certain projects. Through their YouTube channel, NSB is beginning to build a catalog of How-Tos.

Tuckerman Street Boston

N.S.Builders brought Puffin Media on-site to document and create episodic content of a full gut renovation of a single family home in Southern Boston. Currently there are 7 episodes and counting. 

What N.S. Builders is Saying

“Doug (Puffin Media) is not only a master, but an artist at his craft. He turned my napkin scribbled notes into a professional and creative video series.”

-Nick Schiffer Owner & Master Carpenter at N.S. Builders

N.S. Builders YouTube

Puffin Media has created video content that reflects the expert skills and high-quality service of N.S. Builders. The video series Tuckerman Street has developed an engaged audience and has received lots of positive feedback. Check out all the episodes at the link below.

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