Wears Woody

Born out of our funky Woody

Wears woody needed a video that personified the vibrant colors and distinguished yet casual style of their apparel. 

Capturing a Life Style

We wanted the sound and feel of the video to mimic the apparel. The beaches around Cape Cod became an obvious choice to shoot the video and a funky folk song seemed a natural fit.

Little bit preppy & Little bit surf

Capturing peoples attention in the first 5-10 seconds of is important. The best way to do that was to show Woody (the jeep grand wagoneer) driving down a beach side road with our drone.

What Wears Woody is Saying

“A hungry, talented team. Beyond professional. They envision and produce work that captures all of what we want our brand to represent.”

-Mike Norwood, Founder of Wears Woody

Short & Funky

The video captured the unique lifestyle of Wears Woody. It was colorful, energetic yet relaxed and most importantly memorable. Keeping the video short and true to brand will make it a versatile marketing tool.

Launch Project