Puffin Studio


Puffin Studio Up and Running

Puffin Studio is now up in running after a 4 month renovation period. There is available:

  • Studio space: It is pint-sized powerhouse of a studio. It’s not Paramount Studios, but it offers a solid work space allowing for good depth for shooting.
  • Conference space: A large conference table allows the creative juices to flow and a coffee machine is a hop, jump, and a skip away.
  • Lounge space: A comfy sofa and chairs circle each other for a more laid back meeting style. Also a good place for fellow colleagues off camera to hang.
  • Double doors: The big door opening to the studio allows large objects to easily come in and be photographed or used as props.
  • Natural light: An abundance of natural light is available during the day in the studio. Allowing you to keep your artistic options open.
  • Studio lighting: A wide variety of Fresnels and LEDs are available in the studio. To stay consistent with previously existing content or direction style.
  • White wall: The white wall is the primary background in the studio and allows for the most flexibility during shooting.
  • Green screen/Black screen: Fabric screen options are available for various setups.

If you need a place for interviews, head shots, or you just want to hangout give us a shout and schedule a meeting.